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  1. Quick Level 1 Guide to get you rockin and rollin!Yoga- what is it?Why do it?Why not?

  2. Yoga has become a way of life for me. It is more than just physical moves, it is mental and spiritual.It is a means to be silent without practicing being silent….It became a way to channel my energy without saying I’m channeling my energy.Some moves are true Yoga asanas and some are just moves you begin to try as you challenge your body and those are great because you get to unleash our creativity.A great myth Buster is there is one size for yoga... **LIES**. Even if you tend to see really small and in shape people on SM and commercials, please know Yoga is for everyone. So don’t wait to start because you feel you need to drop weight or get in great shape first.Yoga is very helpful in burning those pounds away!!

  3. Just so you know yoga wasn’t something I gravitated to right away. Actually, my personal trainer, who ironically, was a very muscular guy suggested it to me. And I was like… ehhhhh… This was only 5 years ago. Well I didn’t start practicing consistently until around 2016/2017..... And let me tell you it has made me really channel all the areas of my senses. I can relieve stress, create calm in my mind and feel better…. And that is why I do it?So, if you are just getting into yoga for whatever reason, here are some beginner poses you can try.The trick is to be consistent and practice and push through some of the pains you will experience as you retrain your body, your mind and your soul.

  4. So let’s get to the Yoga poses - ie. AsanasIdeally hold any of these poses 30 secs to 2 mins or more.The main key is *REMEMBER TO BREATHE!!*

  5. Level 1Childs pose – called BalasanaChild's Pose helps to stretch the hips, thighs, and ankles. It is known to aid in reducing stress and fatigue. It is a resting pose. This is a pose you can visit often especially when learning advanced poses and as a transition pose.

  6. Extended Puppy pose – called Uttana ShishosanaExtended Puppy (or Melting heart) is a mix between Downward facing Dog and Child’s Pose encourages you to drop your heart to the ground and stretch out your spine upward and downward. This helps with creating and training the hollow back.

  7. Cow Pose – called BitilasanaCow Pose is great for warming up the spine it stretches the front torso and neckGreat starter to loosen up.

  8. Cat Pose - called MarjaryasanaCat Pose is a balancing pose that helps strengthen the core muscles (who doesn’t want that!!) and lengthens the spine. It stretches the back torso and neck.

  9. Cobra – called BhujangasanaCobra is — is a the pose that helps to prepare the body for deeper backbends. Its name comes from It Strengthens the spine, chest area, shoulders, and abdomen. If you clinch it can help firm the buttocks. This pose can also aid in relieve stress and fatigue. Cobra and Upward Dog are similar. My pose is a mix. Once you raise your hips you are more in an upward facing dog position.

  10. Downward facing dog – called Adho Mukha SvanasanaDownward Dog is a pose that introduces the invert. It is a great full body stretch pose from toes, calfs, hamstrings, quads, glutes, back, shoulders and arms and it helps build strength.

  11. Take as much time as needed to work on these poses. The goal is to hold them at least 30 seconds. Which is a great workout in itself.Remember to breath and open up your body to each pose.Yoga will help increase your flexibility, circulation and strength and so much more!!Enjoy these!

  12. Namaste!

  13. AliMind YOUR Body & Soul""

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