Enjoying Nature

Yoga, Hiking & Travel

 I am a huge advocate of living a healthy and active lifestyle.  Key word is Lifestyle.

I truly believe a great deal of our health ailments is a direct result of how we treat our bodies.

Vinyasa Yoga


I provide Yoga guidance either One on One or in  groups both  domestic and international and Online.  I have been a guide in Bali in 2019 for a 7 day Wellness retreat as well as teaching local classes and online classes.  MYBS leads classes indoor and outdoor. 

My yoga style is a combination of Power & Vinyasa flow, set to my own beat of music. Not the traditional meditative style music.  More upbeat and fun!

The focus for me is to introduce the practice to anyone willing to learn and help expand each persons realm within themselves. 

This is more about the journey, the awakening one feels being in this mental and physical space and how each individual chooses to grow and dwell in that space.

and also catch my LIVE streams at www.abusimbelstream.com

Travel & Hiking

Travel with Me.  I have always wanted to travel the world and I am getting a change to do just that.  As I experience so many new things, cultures, people, my goal is to create an environment where YOU can see the world as I travel it and Bridge Cultural Gaps and dispel myths & open up the dialogue for questions you may have.  I offer travel consultations 30mins- 1 hour book at Calendly so schedule some time with me.  YOUR first session is FREE.

Also catch some of my Travel talks Live or recorded at www.abusimbelstream.com  to Subsrcibe

Hiking - Being out in nature is another way I have found to release so many toxins and stress levels and everything else that drains me.  And what is so great about it is.... all you have to do is go outside and start walking.....


Fresh air and Sun are so very important to managing a healthy lifestyle and participating in my hikes is a great way to experience the great outdoors, get some exercise in, release toxins naturally and make new friends.

Hikes in Dallas ae currently on HOLD as I am traveling. But I may start live online walks soon.  Subscribe for updates.



Hiking in Sunset




Time: Mornings (TBD)

Location: Cedar Ridge Preserve

7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas, TX

(last Natural Preserve in Dallas Proper)

( it is a beautiful location and entry to the park is free.  *Donations are encouraged  to keep the park up and running)


Goal is to create 3 levels:

Beginner - finish a 2.19mi hike - 21-26 min mile

Intermediate - finish a 2.19mi hike - 14-18 min mile

Extreme - finish a 2.19mi hike - 13 min mile or less


So come on out and have fun with me!


If you are interested in joining my Yoga, hikes or learning about eating options contact me  via the form below or via email contactali@mindyourbodyandsoul.com


thank you

Life is Balance.. Move.. Eat Clean and LIVE!!

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