Basic Body/Health Tips!

the start of a new beginning for some and continuation for others.

Wherever you are at, keep moving forward.  Take one step at a time.

Worry less about annual Resolutions and create Lifestyle changes...

So why not start off with some basic tips....

**Remember Weight Loss is 80% Diet (meaning what you consume and when you consume it; NOT to be mistaken for a diet plan specifically) and 20% exercise

  1. Eat Well, Eat Lean, Eat Often

  • Eat USEful calories - care about what you are eating - READ Labels

  • if you can not pronounce it, meaning it sounds like a synthetic try to understand what it is prior to consuming.

  • if you shop along the perimeter of the store you can avoid alot of the processes/boxed/packaged foods that contain many of the synthetic ingredients in them.

  • consume 5-6 meals per day consisting of 4oz portions for ladies and 6-8oz for guys (all these can vary based on body type and health, please consult your own physician or nutritionist)

  • Your body will adjust to eating often

  • RAW is in!! (* note some water grown vegetables ie. Water lettuce require at least steaming to cook off any parasites that naturally live on the leaves. Read or consult seller or gardener)

  • if you cook vegetables try to limit cooking time to less than 5 minutes u (with exception to some potatoes and other harder gourd vegetables)

  • Meat consumption tips

  • I suggest to go for lean cuts of meat or fish

  • I am partial to Lamb, Wild Caught Salmon from and processed in US, turkey. 

  • I will occasionally have organic, hormone free chicken

  • I personally stay away from Talapia

  • Tip for ground meat for burgers, meatloaf, meatballs etc..

  • I sugeest purchasing meet cuts and grinding them when you are ready for any recipe calling for ground meat.

  • that way you know that the entire thing is meat and you pick the cut of meat for grinding.

  • Drink Water

  • Drink half your body weight in ounces daily

  • drink Before Each meal and after; before bed and when you wake up.

  • Food portion control is major... as a rule of thumb if you eat your meals with multiple food groups in one sitting. make sure your Vegetables (lightly cooked or raw) consume the largest are of your plate.

  1. Be Heart Healthy

  • this means exercise your heart. When you do exercise make sure to get in cardio building work.

  • IE. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training

  • These workouts keep your heart rate high, build muscle and continue to burn calories/fat long after your workout. The muscle you build will naturally burn calories longer than fat.

  • So DONT be afraid to tone and it looks SEXY :)

  • check out some of my posted workouts on this blog

  1. Donate those clothes do not fit any longer

  • This eliminates the cushion that you can gain weight back because those clothes will be gone. And if you are anything like me, you refuse to go buy larger clothes.

Be sure to enjoy the transition! This is your Body This is your Life Make it the best you can!!

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