What I use to train for 5Ks and Obstacle runs - Beginners

Focus will be on Interval training, endurance building with preferably at least 6 weeks to train…

What you will need:

Your fab energy

Good rest

Hydration (water)

Timer & Distance counter

Good running shows –( Academy is a good choice)

Planned before and after meals to maximize workout

You will need 4-5 days per week to commit outside of rest days.

Walk/ Run interval training:

Stretch first – focus areas

(Hamstrings, quads, glutes, arms, shoulder, back)

If you are new to the 5K circuit start with 3 minute Brisk Walk then immediately go to 1 min jog with no break. Alternating until the full 3.1 miles is completed. Should take 45-1 hr max (goal decrease time by 30 secs every 2 weeks)

Stretch after

Good stretches - Calf, hamstrings (flex foot to pull muscles apart creating elasticity),core twists, toe touches with flexed foot, quad pulls standing or sitting, arm pulls and breathing

Endurance training:

This is to increase and build Heart health and create elasticity and flexibility and strength to fuel you through the activities.

Should take 20 mins only.

Stretch first – follow same stretch for walk/run training

Core – Plank 45 sec – 1.5 min (increase over time)

Deep Squat – 10

Standing toe touches – 10 each leg

High Knees – 10 each leg

Wall Sit 1.5 min

7 Burpees – increases endurance when tired

Repeat 3 sets (try to do 3 with no break between. If break necessary only 30 secs use timer)

Stretch after

Mock weekly schedule 9 adjust based on what is feasible

Sun/Tues/ Thurs – Walk/ Run

Mon/Fri – Endurance

Wed/ Sat – Rest & Recovery

What to Eat:

You know your body, pay attention to it.

Some suggestions:

Pre Workout

Potassium – Banana is a good source

Grain and natural sugar - Raw Oats

Protein - Hard Boiled egg

Natural Sugar - fruit (cantaloupe, grapes)

Or a Very good Protein Bar and 8 -16 oz water (Larabar or RX Bar – minimal ingredients – no byproducts preferred)

Post Workout – this is just as critical.. Don’t eat your self out of your progress… some options

Grain/Protein – Quinoa or colored rice, or spinach pasta add very lean meat Fish, turkey or chicken preferred (if eating meat)

Raw or steamed Vegetables – Carrots, Kale greens, cucumber, red cabbage

Avocado and blueberries

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