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Why do women have to suppress their sexuality for him to want to marry her?


Should Women suppress their sexuality to be considered or marriage???

this is ridiculous.  On one hand we say we are not in the arch ages and on the other hand when it applies to women and expressing themselves as such we are expected to function like the 1500s.

The double standard rule is  so comical, I am not sure I understand how it still is used today.  But it is.  You can see this type of behavior on all levels.  So it goes to show you, someone out there still believes it and teaches it.

What is wrong with a woman being honest about her sexual needs.  Isnt it wonderful that she is comfortable enough to express it?

What if she hid her sexual prowness from her husband becaue he is afraid he cant hang.  yep I said it... cuz I believe that is why.   but what if she hides how she feels and has to go outside of the home to get her needs met.  To have someone care for her without judgement.  sound familiar???

I think women are tired of being treated like sex is their only quality until she ctually wants it for herself.

watch the video and let me know your thoughts.



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