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Travel Funnies...Ali Monologues - Philly 2015

  1. Giggles....Jumped on the plane the morning of 8/3/15 to head to Philly for a client meeting.I'm real casual with a loose brown peasant top, blue jean skirt and sandals.I'm cozy in my seat as other passengers get on board. I'm fiddling in my bag when the lady behind me reaches between the seat to tap me...'excuse me..excuse me' she says.

  2. Me : 'yes' (with a smile) and she asks me if I'm a ballet dancer.I immediately, go into my 'who's Ali today' mode and say 'depends who you ask'

  3. REWIND....back to the regularly scheduled commentary. Hehehe

  4. Me: what's her name? Cuz I can be her for the day if necessary  (all in my, I can't believe you recognized me voice) y'all have no idea....Anyway.. I digress..hehe

  5. Ladies: (giggle)how funny. We don't remember her name but you look like her.

  6. Me: I may need an entourage when I travel. Last time I was out of town people thought i was Maggie from Grey's Anatomy.I let them know I'm not a dancer, but flattered. I said.. Maybe I'll see if I can get some kickbacks next time...They were real nice ladies...

  7. And who knows they say we all have a twin..right. Maybe in my case I have at least 2. ☺~Ali MBS®



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