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5 Ways to Ensure You will NOT have good time in Egypt!!

#WheresAli...I'll tell you where👀

Well recently I took an 18 day trip to Egypt.. that's right Egypt the land of pyramids, temples, history, the red sea, Nile River and Egyptian and Nubian people not to mention pretty awesome and flavorful Egyptian food, perfect for the plant baser like myself.

What many of you have probably heard is Egypt is full of amazing sights, from one of the 7 Wonders of the World -Pyramids of Giza to countless, massive historic temples and the Nile River, inland cities to marvelous coastlines. Not to mention amazing people. And it is open for tourism.. So get your ticket .

Quick Covid and Visa tips:

Covid -you need a PCR test to travel to Egypt.

Visa- as. US passport holder a Visa is required you can get on on arrival for $25 or apply online which is what I did.. I just like to be ready when I arrive.. less volatility..

I used this site and it took one day for approval. Remember to print a copy too.

Keep in Mind Egypt is truly another one of those massive countries with population of over 100 million .. 7 mill in Cairo and 2.4 mil in Giza, with many cities along the Nile really dependent on tourism.. Let's not forget parts are still recovering from the earthquake of 2011.

I will tell you my 18 days went by too fast and I do plan to go back..

I'll post another more detailed blog and vlog about the sites.. Egypt can be f

un, and chill at the same time.. so get ready . Make a local fiend or two and enjoy..

Social Engagement tip-

Join expat groups on SM

Join local city/country groups to get acquaintanced with people already on the ground.. This can be pivotal if you are budgeting. Many of the tips they can share can save you in outlandish tour guide prices.

So what are some of the things that can ensure you will not have a fantastic time during your visit to Egypt.....

If you agitate quickly. I can guarantee you you will not have a good time why because you will have to have patience patience and patience along your trip and be able to manage hagglers, street vendors, cute babies asking for money, the where are you from hustle.. I say roll with it and have fun . Just be respectful and cordial and you usually will receive the same back...EVEN WHEN YOU SAY LA SHUKRAN😜

#2. If you choose NOT to learn a little about the culture. It could be the toughest trip for you. Attire is a big one. Especially in Muslim countries. If it's a short trip you may get away with not caring..but then why go if you aren't there to learn(just me) .... I tell you, the more you engulf yourself, the more fulfilling it'll


#3. Glued to your phone & not engaging... If you are not aware of your surroundings you can end up in a pickle. Like places you are not familiar with, or situations that leave you vulnerable. This is important for everyone, but specifically ladies. Try to have transpo waiting for you before you venture out especially at night ( ubers, taxi) have money ready but put away. Know if you can get to a public place easily if you need to. Being buried in your phone on the streets is not smart!!! Not to mention.. You miss the experience.

#4. If you don't try the local food. Food is often the bridge in many cultures. Its what brings people together and often has a story or history attached. In Egypt, there is a lot of mixes with Lebanese and Turkish cuisine. For example, lamb, and chicken dishes, baba ganoush, hummus, tagines, vine leaves. So try a dish or two and learn through taste. Who wants to only eat pizza hut, McDonalds, burger king when traveling?

#5. If you do not bring enough cash to tip, tour and experience! This is a big one.. I am big on frugal travel as y'all already knoooooowwwww . But sometimes you have to know when to splurge a bit, allocate in different areas and/or upgrade. Ex. First hotel I was at Pyramid Eyes Hotel in Giza, I had a basic room for $30. Saw the Pyramid view room and upgraded. It was only $14 more. Eat on the street but try some of there eclectic spots. We at dinner a couple times at Nile river view spots like

The First Nike Boat beautiful boat and 2 restaurants inside when we went. Lounge and bar areas of you want to be a bit classier. Zaza cuisine was a favorite. It has a

n outside upper level balcony got amazing street views. Aladdin is another cool one and Intercontinental hotel had like 7 restaurants.. you can not go wrong.. check all their locations.. by far, becoming one of my most favorite hotels chains. Now my expense at some other hotels and the cruise was higher than my normal $50 or less budget.. but it was worth it... Check out future blogs and YT ( for that detail.

#6. Extra bonus. Get a Guide. They can get you from point a to b. Make you feel safe. Translate for you. Etc..

Let them know what you like and don't like . What you may be looking for when you shop. How much you want to spend and tip them.

And Just plan to enjoy yourself.. safely..

Toodles and Noodles

Peace and Hair Grease


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