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5 Additional Benefits of Coconut Oil you may not know about.... "The Best Thing since Sliced Br

We've seen endless posts about benefits of Coconut Oil...and we know the basic benefits:

1. Use in cooking - Coconut Oil is classified as a medium heat oil

- Medium high-heat oils, which have a medium to high smoke point, can be used in temperatures up to 425 degrees. These include canola oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and soy oil. And adds a nice coconut flavor.

2. Use as a natural body moisturizer - excellent skin care humectant.

3. Use as a hair sealant - great sealant and moisturizer to hold moisture in at the cuticle to reduce drying and brittleness.

I personally exercise the above 3 daily but I wanted to truly understand what else coconut oil can do for me. I am big on using all of the coconut so I buy a baby coconut, drink the water or use for a hair wash, split it open and cut out the meat for mutliple uses. I have not worked on extracting the milk or oil myself yet, so I purchases Organic Coconut Oil. (the extracting part will come next :))

I read more on coconut oil and the benefits and realized there are benefits beyond the basics we know..It's like the next best thing to "Sliced Bread"....

1. Let's Eat it!!!!!

a. Increase Energy and help burn more fuel - MCT Medium Chain Triglycerides

b. Decrease hunger so you eat less

2. Kills bacteria, viruses or fungi by way of lauricacid

3. Reduce seizures due to the keotones found in the fatty acids

4. Increase blood cholesterol levels which can decrease the rish for heart disease.

5. Oil Pulling for tooth maintenance... helps remove bacteria and cleanse teeth.

a. Use 1 tblsp daily; treat like a regular mouthwash. Try not to swallow the oil.

there are 100s of uses for Organic Coconut Oil. This list just grazes the surface. It is an awesome home remedy and safe.


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