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No H2O??

Water, water, water.... We all know water is that natural medicine our body's internal systems need and crave and is proven to be the best hydrater for our skin and hair. Drink a minimum 8 glasses a day or your body weight in water, right? Well, if it is so great, why don't we put that good ole' H2O in Allure, our Skin & Hair Creme?

First, let me say, the stories and studies are correct, water is great and very beneficial, however, I do not use H2O in my skin & hair creme for this reason.....

  • Our creme base is made using all butters and oils, so introducing water requires the use of some sort of emulsifier/preservative (where 100% butters do not). As it goes, lots of readily available emulsifiers are derived synthetically and the natural ones like arrowroot powder are starchy. Our products are 100% free of all synthetic ingredients so using a synthetic preservative is definitely not preferred.

  • Likewise, starches, like arrowroot powder seem to be a good natural option, but they breakdown into sugars and can leave a sticky residue on the skin. I have done some testing with arrowroot powder but I have not created a formula I am happy to share with my customers, yet. So no arrowroot for now.

What does this mean for our consumers? It means,more product value becuase you get and pay for a skin & hair creme that is 100% butters & oils with wonderful medicinal properties. This is drastically different from a product containing 72-85% water which is what you get when water is the first ingredient on the product ingredient list.

Now you can shop with knowledge and know what you are paying for when you purchase our skin & hair creme. don't stop drinking that H2O because it is crucial for bodies. For great skin and hair moisture seal, simply apply a small amount of Allure skin & hair creme after showering. You wil love the way you feel!

Stay tuned for Zoetic Essentials ingredient list benefits ... coming soon!

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