Why Zoetic Essentials?? (Series)

Why I love what I do …. Short bio…

I started making my own health and beauty products using all natural ingredients over 5 years ago mainly because I am big on health awareness and even I could not figure out what was in the other products I was using previously.

I am big on reading labels and have a rule if I can’t pronounce it I shouldn’t buy it. Well I could not pronounce a lot of the ingredients in the foods and beauty products I was using so I started looking them up. ...And BOY was I surprised at what is in the stuff we put in and on our bodies every day.

We all know our SKIN is the largest organ on our body and our pores are the doorway in… So what are we freely doing to ourselves.. was a big question I asked….

Well, I got so engrossed in being free to make my own decisions I started reading and researching.

Next, came the ordering, mixing and creating of my very own products. I wanted to make a clean product without using harsh chemicals.

I started sharing my products with friends a