Lac Rose - Is it Really Pink? - Vlog

A day in the Life with Ali took me to

Lac Rose, Dakar Senegal. The lake gets its name from the color the sunlight, salt and algae create. So based on that it will not always have a pink hue. Due to the high salt content it is not good for you to be in it longer than 15 minutes without a special salve the harvesters put on their bodies to protect them. And women are suggested to not go in the water as it can be harmful to reproduction.

The lake is important to that community because the salt is harvested year round and is sold to neighboring cities, countries and exported to Europe. It is used for cooking and on streets to dissolve ice. The community is very careful to preserve the lake and keep it clean as possible.

The lake is being named a historical site. It is worth a visit to learn how this small lake is so important and how it gets its salt...

check out the video to see the lake up close and see the harvesting a it is happening.