WHY do I love to travel???

...Because I love meeting people, learning about others' cultures, body movement and wellness, exploration and adventure. I believe the only true way to get to the next level of learning is by experiencing it, touching it, seeing it, smelling it....

I created Mind YOUR Body & Soul LLC to promote wellness.  The focus is my Lifestyle Transformation program which supports meal planning, prep, food selections, food demos and body movement flows. I am a global certified yoga guide.  I feel yoga is a great foundation to help us navigate through life.

I also wanted a way to share all of this with as many as would listen so I created my own radio show in 2015. That's how B.A.M. (Body And Mind) Blog/TV/Radio started and continues. Check out my podcasts, reviews and blogs.

 I always find myself in the streets around the GLOBE sharing & learning about Life & culture through the eyes of those around the world, with the intent to bridge cultural gaps!

I truly feel this is my calling..




I am an over 40 Nomader & Travel Consultant, Blogger, Global Yoga guide, Health Enthusiast and Zany MC!!

"Experiences are Better than Dreams..."~Ali

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