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Super Health Food

Shop-N-Learn Food Exploration W/Ali
& Food Demos & Recipes

Let's discover food!!!!

Join me as I lead  groups on Virtual or Online shop-n-learn food exploration excursions to markets around the world with the focus on inspiring curiosity to expand our palates while becoming more health conscious.

This is a great way to understand your local grocery stores, when and where to purchase produce, we even share tips on food prep.

Learn to shop from the perimeter of the store with very rare steps into the center (processed foods).

Learn to shop in the bulk section for grains, beans, flours, sugars, spices etc....

We'll talk about strategies to substituting clean raw snacks for processed ones and set goals to swap a few processed goods weekly for a healthier choice.


These are loads of fun!!!


ASK ME ABOUT MY EAT W/ALI FOOD DEMOS! These are fun and informative.

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