Give Me the Ali

May 25, 2019

The 3rd John Wick... If you are a fan of all the action and the character Keanu plays.... I will let the cat out of the bag.. You will not be disappointed.

Keanu showed out and I found out he still does 90% of his own stunts.  Even as he is priming he moves pretty well.

Halle Berry aka Sofia kicks ma...

March 27, 2015


We've seen endless posts about benefits of Coconut Oil...and we know the basic benefits:


1. Use in cooking  - Coconut Oil is classified as a medium heat oil

 - Medium high-heat oils, which have a medium to high smoke point, can be used in temperatures up to 425 degrees. These include canola oil, gra...

March 12, 2015


Water, water, water.... We all know water is that natural medicine our body's internal systems need and crave and is proven to be the best hydrater for our skin and hair.  Drink a minimum 8 glasses a day or your body weight in water, right?  Well, if it is so great, why don't we put that good ole'...

February 5, 2015


Does your skin feel scaly and look brittle?

Is your skin dry and itchy so much so, you find yourself reapplying lotion every couple of hours?

I bet you’ve tried lotion after lotion and even carry it with you all day…..

This is the time of year, for a lot of us, when the elements of Nature wreak havoc...

January 22, 2015

Why I love what I do …. Short bio…

I started making my own health and beauty products using all natural ingredients over 5 years ago mainly because I am big on health awareness and even I could not figure out what was in the other products I was using previously.

I am big on reading labels and have a...