5 Additional Benefits of Coconut Oil you may not know about.... "The Best Thing since Sliced Br

We've seen endless posts about benefits of Coconut Oil...and we know the basic benefits: 1. Use in cooking - Coconut Oil is classified as a medium heat oil - Medium high-heat oils, which have a medium to high smoke point, can be used in temperatures up to 425 degrees. These include canola oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and soy oil. And adds a nice coconut flavor. 2. Use as a natural body moisturizer - excellent skin care humectant. 3. Use as a hair sealant - great sealant and moisturizer to hold moisture in at the cuticle to reduce drying and brittleness. I personally exercise the above 3 daily but I wanted to truly understand what else coconut oil can do for me. I am big on using al

No H2O??

Water, water, water.... We all know water is that natural medicine our body's internal systems need and crave and is proven to be the best hydrater for our skin and hair. Drink a minimum 8 glasses a day or your body weight in water, right? Well, if it is so great, why don't we put that good ole' H2O in Allure, our Skin & Hair Creme? First, let me say, the stories and studies are correct, water is great and very beneficial, however, I do not use H2O in my skin & hair creme for this reason..... Our creme base is made using all butters and oils, so introducing water requires the use of some sort of emulsifier/preservative (where 100% butters do not). As it goes, lots of readily available em

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