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You aren't the only one... 

People say....tell your story (ies) it may reach someone, touch someone, help someone.. so I am... And I'm starting with me. Because I realize I need to hear it, unsupress it, all of it, the good and the bad, as a part of my own healing..Because I need to know how it's shaped me, how it affected my growth and to continue to the next phase of my life.. I am very private about 'THA DETS'😏 (details) of my life, my deepest feelings and experiences..cuz I just get on with it and never thought Id ever share out loud with those who I didn't have all a personal relationship with... ☯ But the more I see people and life, the more familiar and similar, I know we ALL are.. ☯ Sometimes I wonder how am I going to be able to share some of these things without looking foolish.. 🙄 And in some cases there is no other way....cuz..umm...🤪 yeah some things I shake my head at.. But It's part of The healing process... It's part of being vulnerable... It's part of being on time for someone else who may be experiencing something similar...and truly being ok with who I am, love, pain, trials and all... Through the fog..... There is sunshine.....


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