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Which is better...TSA, GE, OR CLEAR

UPDATE 1/6/2020 - on CLEAR … New User!!For my Traveler FAM..Do you EVER get frustrated waiting in long security and int'l entry lines at the airport???

  • So you watch you friends leave you and go to shorter lines or areas to get through security. They aren't taking stuff out of their bags, not taking shoes and belts and laces and eyelashes off.. You know what I mean.. Like you almost disrobe to go through security and I understand that some is for safety measures.. But imagine 100, 200, 500 ppl in line doing the same thing .

  • Imagine this......

  • getting to the airport 2-3 hrs early for your international flight.. You are all good.. Or so you think...It's peak travel season and school is out sooo... Didn't think about that...OH MY GOSH! there is a travel group and strollers and massive taped boxes and luggage galore.

  • That 2-3 hours dwindles and dwindles.. Then after you check in you go to security.. But you can't even see security cuz the lines are so long 🤪. I mean like amusement park line long.

  • Should you start taking all your clothes off now to save time..?? All the while watching people wizz by you for that pre chk and Clear line.. Wondering how did they get that?

  • You just knew you were gonna be on the other side having your coffee and pastry flipping through emails, texts and SM by now... But you aren't...

  • Don't make the same mistake next flight!!

  • I have GE and am considering CLEAR..**Update** I registered for CLEAR on my way out of Dallas on my air cruise. It took 5 mins literally and I got 3 mos free trial. They said now I can arrive at the airport 30 minutes before flight and zip through. I did not believe that, but 3 mos free trial lets give it a shot.Jan 1, 2020 on my way back from my 20 day air cruise around Europe and Africa I got a chance to check out the validity of the 30 min statement at FLL airport. I arrived at 6:33 pm for a 7:05pm flight. It literally was the quickest. Walked up to my gate which was boarding for my flight and wahhhla, I was on. Not to mention it was a SW flight which means I did not have to check any bags due to their amazing baggage options 2 free onboard and 2 free checked.So verdict.... it works!!!

  • ☯TSA PRE✔ good for 5 years -$85☯Global entry if you travel abroad.. Good for 5 years (includes TSA PRE✔)


  • ** this process took less than 1 week for me to submit by application, get a response and within the next few weeks I had my scheduled appt.

  • The interview itself took 7 mins. I timed it 😁. Then I received my card a wk or so later in the mail.**

  • ☯Clear is good for 1 year -$179

  • Check out this article which explains the options you have.. Cost and benefits..


  • Don't waste your travel time.. Standing in lines... 😜

  • Ciao

  • #wheresali


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