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What I learned watching MC Hammer...

One thing I have struggled with and had to learn the Mc hammer way.. is you cannot always give the shirt off your back to end up with nothing but good character title.. Doing unto others AS you would have them do unto you does not guarantee they or anyone else will do unto you ..

Positioning in the right company helps that whole idea around your gift back may not come from who you gave to but from someone else. For the longest. Ie. All my life I literally worked and saved to be able to help people who asked for it..and while I may not have given my shirt to EVERYONE. I have found that I gave bare minimum to myself . (I know as I say this sitting in another country people will side eye... but I worked for this.. this is who I am and always wanted to do and it's not always pretty or perfect and often quite stressful ) But I Never really splurged on myself.. I don't have expensive clothes, shoes, cars, trinkets etc ..I still thrift, I still bargain shop, travel& explore, which is why It became my niche in my travel consultation biz. I don't know when (if ever🤔) I stayed in a $200 a night hotel...Even when I could afford that times 3. even tho I worked my butt off and sacrificed to enjoy it.. My places were nice but they are places most anyone could afford for 7-10 nights. The money I practiced saving really strating 12 years ago... was always for external incidentals. The What if something happens and someone needs it money.. in the back of my head it was for investments.. Things I wish I had done but didn't (I would do alot differently) My house is very basic.. no really nice upgrades like I should have done (now that was just stupid.. I admit) I did most of the work myself. Because it was cheaper to do the things anyone could actually do with a YT video🤪 Always taught myself not to waste from experiences..and I watched MC Hammer.. really I did.. My life may seem extravagant to some.. but not to those who travel or don't live with "but you're supposed to" constraints. Living Abroad is in a lot of cases more expensive because the culture may be set up as a service where everything is a service you have to pay to access. And everything for you is an upcharge.. at least in the beginning..Things you could have done for yourself... Now you have no choice but to pay for . That extra expense and annoying hardship is teaching me to build trusting relationships with people I'm meeting where ever I go . I basically have "peeps" (people I can trust & who teach me) in my new homes same as I have back in the states. But it's hard . Hard to weed out the real ones, the legit options and Intel all during covid times and trying to live under someone else Visa rules.. *It's not for the weak kneed* This course I'm on is very challenging.. there is scrutiny every where . Every challenge is worth what I learn and experience.. it's not what I knew. what I understand now ... It is the hardest thing next to solo parenting and walking away from my Corp job that I've ever done. But it's making me refocus.. get in the right energy regardless of what others think. I can not stress how important feeling right in your own Gut is💥💥💥 Anyway... Imma end this mental dump and just say ... Be diverse in your company. Be around others who challenge you to challenge yourself.. to step outside of complacent and comfort..

I am learning to put my mask on first.. & Don't give ALL of you away until you truly have abundance for yourself.. ~WheresAli

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