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Wacoooooo... Deep In the Heart Film Fesitval 2019

  1. Deep In the Heart Film Festival 2019 March 28-31, 2019 in Waco Texas!!!Can you say jam-packed!!!Who would have thought a small town in Central Texas would garner such a big turnout from filmmakers.

  2. The red carpet was filled with a number of different new faces and veterans that I Am Royalty Radio has a pleasure speaking to.

  3. 📷📷We talk with Aaron Martin (CAST) about The Last Whistle the story about cardiac arrest on the football field. Based on a real story, about a running back who passes away after an incident on the field and a coach who wants to keep winning and a community who is concerned about it's athletes. How do they work together?Aaron: "American Heart Association has gotten toghether with The Last Whistle and is screening this film to at risk youth... It is really relevant in the last couple of years.  It's a good little family film."

  4. The Message Director Nate Southard takes us on a 3 year journey about a woman carrying for a woman late in life going through Alzheimer's.  This is a drama and deals with the changes of an ailing parent going through the ups and downs mostly Downs of Alzheimer's all rolled into 7 minutes.📷Nate: "It's basically taking this 3 year period of my life and breaking it down into 7 minutes and just trying to punch you in the gut."

  5. 📷Fevah with Producer Nikhil Melnechuk and Actor Melissa Jackson. Nikhil was📷excited they just flew in at 3 a.m. and drove to Waco from Houston right before festival red carpet.  What dedication!

  6. Fevah is a 12 minutes psychological thriller about a love triangle with possible real life scenarios... hmmmm. We know we love those right?Nikhil: "Get in and out..  a few tears"Melissa: "The story is very powerful and I think a lot of people really connect with it. Male or female.  and it can mess with your psyche.....MAYBE :)"

  7. 📷Breaking Brokenness by Cedric Thomas Smith the short film about healing a family from trauma. Cedric said he wrote, directed and produced this film because.."Every family has a secret, that secret that you better not tell, the secrets you better take to your grave."This secret is about a mother who killed her husband and her daughter does not know why so she digs into the past.the pain of the past and how you heal from it in real life is prevalent in today's world, we see it all the time.

  8. You People.. by Lavon Chapman📷Now how many times have we heard that?  Lavon Chapman is the Director and Producer of this short which is a comedy about stereotypes.Lavon: I want everyone to walk away knowing that people don't all fit into a box and we are all created equal.  We are very layered and possibly opposite of the stereotypes that we've been ordained by.  When you leave is film he wants people to look at people, not at face value so to speak, but peel away those layers."This is one of those films that says...take a minute and look closer."📷Peddling with Director Terry Bluez.It's a 70's style film. About a kid raised by his grandmother who is working to make money to buy a bike and succumbs to the ways of the streets...Terry: "As an artist its always nerve racking to put your work out there because it is very vulnerable...but the reception I have gotten from it has been great.."

  9. 📷Mother of A Sacred Lamb with Director/Producer Aman Johnson.Nominated for best drama and best thriller.  About mothers and the pain and hope you have when you have a missing child.Aman: "I wanted to do a film that was a drama but I also love horror films.. so let's see if we can creatively make one that fits both..." I think he did it.📷Sacred Hair by Director/Producer Mario Morin all the way from Montreal, Canada. a film about diversity.Mario: "We all think we are different but we are the same. Go beyond and see what unites us.  Doesn't matter color, religion, age, your belief system... the essence of all of us is the same."West of Leona with Producer Christopher James Thompson & Actor Brian Cobbs. About a guy who rides his bike to the Leona mtns (not a real location) alone on a trip he and his girlfriend were supposed to take.Christopher: We wanted to talk about Life and loss from a guys perspective.📷📷Brian: "It should be relatable to men.  Women are not the only ones that go through this.Age of Bryce with Co-Director Brian Elliot and David Feagan.📷This is about a son and mother relationship where the mother is overly protective and the son is coming of age and just wants to explore on his own.📷Brian: "This is just based on Life."David: "Every relationship between a child and mother is kind of like this in some form or fashion.  It may not be soooo severe..." chuckling...WolfBaned with Writer Tristan Sparks-McMahon & Actor Allyson ScottswoodMaking you think about Little Red Riding Hood in a whole NEW way!!Tristan: "The film is a twist of Little Red Riding Hood. I thought it would be cool.  i dont see a lot of films that are dark twisted horror fairy tales and I wanted to just retell the story. i really like movies that are ambiguous and psychological."Allyson: on playing the part.  "I thought his writing was really good.  i really enjoyed playing the part and trying something different that would surprise a lot of people.📷The Topaz Troop by Tori Ewing and Josh Overton (Camera)It is a story about a young scout troop set out for camping to earn their camping badges while helping them cope along the way.Tori: "My entire project is about facing fears. So it is for preschoolers.  It is helping preschoolers cope with and face their fears.  Skills of how to deal with those life problems."📷follow: @thetopaztroopAlways Director/Actor/Writer Tracy Medberry and John MedberryA romantic thriller short with a creepy and gritty feel but your expectation should📷follow: @cronefablesmediaflipped.. Makes you wonder what this is all about!! Get ready for tears and grit in one 10 min film!Norwood Cheek on Filmmaking on Film & Representing Kodak.📷The Goal is to Encourage and enable film makers to shoot on film again and with Super 8. It is a great way to experience that.  I think there is a renewed interest in making film on film... in a great way, anyone can make a film now, but how do you set yourself apart?📷Let's talk Human Trafficking and the film Unbound by Erin Stellar.Human trafficking is so big in the US and actually Texas ranks #2 in the highest number of cases.  Most people are unaware because it is so hidden and no one likes to talk about it.Erin speaks about talking with a trafficking survivor about her story to share in this documentary.Erin: On making her first film and being in Deep in the Heart Film Festival.  "It's crazy.. it's surreal that I was chosen to get to come here and represent this story.  It is important work to be done."

  10. 📷www.unboundnow.orgWe also chatted with Jessica Sequoia Director of Training of Unbound (anti human trafficking organization) and a Texas Detective Derek Wilson.📷About anti-human-trafficking, community and awareness & how big it is right here in Texas. The organizations and law enforcement agencies are collaborating to give aid to the people that are caught up in these human trafficking rings

  11. Jessica: On how her org Unbound and the Sheriffs department came together.  "It is a beautiful picture of collaboration of community awareness and everyone getting engaged and using their talents and gifts to impact the fight against human trafficking."

  12. To see more checkout or and also follow the film's on social media Instagram and Facebook for more on this check out📷


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