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Visas and Vaccines for Africa

When in Africa... Walk the streets like an African..

There is So much to much culture..

Development is crazy... It's everywhere. I want a piece of the 🍰..

Inwent to Senegal in December 2019 and Morroco in December at 2018..

Both BANTASTIC experiences...

Cut to the chase.. Is it easy to go?

Well yes.... It is.. For the basics like buy a plane ticket (use Skyscanner. Com)

book your accomodations (use or

Do some research for things to do places to see areas populated based on what you are looking for on your trip and transport..

Then add in a check for Visas and Vaccinations..

It's really not so hard..


Do I need a


Short answer yes AND no.... There are countries in Africa that require a visa, some do not like Cape town.

Senegal is also one that does not require a visa. That's why I chose it in December (last minute).

IF A VISA is required in advance... PLEASE check the link below to understand requirements and timing. YOu dont want to be left holding a non refundable ticket and MISS A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY TO SEE AFRICA.

Some countries even allow you to obtain your visa upon arrival, Egypt is one of those countries.

Yes!! go visit the great Sphyinx and Abu Simbel temple. I can't wait to go!!

See below for a list of countries and current visa requirements, which ones offer visas

on arrival and cost. _________________________________ Now about those Vaccines..

There are certain vaccinations that were required when I went to Senegal in December, 2019. Only yellow fever was on the list along with TRAP. the others are recommended, but not required.. So I considered my health and body and habits and decided to get yellow fever only. I looked up locations in my area and made an appt. **Check for forms of payment as many do not accept insurance. **

Once you get the vaccine you get a yellow card so keep with your passport.. It could be requested at customs..

I added malaria pills and pills for Dysentary (that I didn't need) to be see it's actually really easy.

Here are couple helpful sites with easy comprehension lists:



So get your passport and go to AFRICA!!!!

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