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Unpacking 7/11/2021~What Now? ~A Day In the Life w/Ali

I have been traveling around almost a year.. and today I decided to write my thoughts in my blog rather than on paper or recording...

Random thoughts as I sit In my apt in Dar Es Salaam.. wondering What Now???

So much I have to do.. I'm over and under 🥴whelmed..

So I'm currently in Tanzania, been here almost 8 mos still not sure this is the place for me.. there are reasons why which I'll share another day..

Previously I spent 4 mos in Mexico moving around to 9 cities. All unplanned..but exciting..

I've learned alot..

I've been on a self discover/recovery journey and I realize how many times I make the same mistakes in different ways.... I've been Trying to work through what is so ingrained in my soul and why (how much is personality, experience & suppressed childhood traumas etc..) I've been on this mental journey since 2018.

It takes time.. so many days.. I have ahh Haas.. like wowowowowsers!!

Sometimes I'm not as enthusiastic about my self discovery because it feels like another thing to unpack... So I stick it in my back pocket..

So enough of that.. I was thinking about the things I've learned along my journey just about traveling to new places I haven't been before with no connections..

And this is what I will share as my take aways...

1.Know your WHY

2.No 2 places are the same

3. Understand what you HAVE TO have to be at peace

4. Have enough money to move around if it's not a fit.. you can try many times (194 countries)

5. Travel light

6. Immerse yourself in the culture/ the people. Don't only make expat friends

7. Learn the language

8. NOTHING changes overnight or because you say you want it to...Habits are habits.. work has to be done consistently..

I'll be back to share more of my unpacking soon🤗☯️💜

Toodles and Noodles...Peace and Hair Grease


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