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Revival The Movie Review

  1. Is a theatrical musical, and a movie dramatization of Jesus Christ crucifixion and resurrection as told in the book of John (yep New Testatment). Yep literally a movie and musical all in one...

  2. The writer took points from the Bible and infused it with new modern logic and reasoning, fear and doubt...The movie was filled with a host of special artists with different talents..

  3. It was interesting, to watch the story unfold and see flecks of the old Testament and new Testament intertwined.Obviously, this is a big religion film about faith and belief or lack there of of Jesus Christ.

  4. How do we view him and the lessons that we've been taught today, as compared to how they were viewed and how it was taught to us from the Bible in older days or as we were growing up?

  5. There were some looming questions for me from the film...

  6. Do we still believe the way we were taught,

  7. and if we do believe the way, we were taught WHY, do we still believe..?

  8. Is faith... Still blind faith?Are we wicked if we need to see it to believe it...

  9. I mean even Heinz says seeing is believing right??? (little attempt at humor)

  10. Can you be a free thinker and still believe in Christ...?

  11. All in all it was an interesting way to share the story..a bit long.. And It is a bit confusing in the beginning, but somewhat intriguing to figure out where the movie will go.

  12. It's a religious believers feel good movie and you get to see a lot of stars..

  13. and the FLIP...

  14. It's a non religious persons piece of work promoting more in depth discussions around what and why we believe.

  15. Sooooooo…...

  16. I give it an Ali Peachy

  17. Ratings:BAM - Great! Go see it PEACHY - Amusing & Pleasurable HUMDRUM - Ehhh...wait for Netflix RUBBISH - Well it's Rubbish

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