Life in Cuba.... a Hidden Gem....

  1. Life in Cuba.... Well at least for 6 days(Tips & dispelling myths)First off let me say this was a super trip!!

  2. So glad I went... 2/18-2/23/17.

  3. If you have not, I suggest you Make room for Cuba on your travel list.. 💖

  4. I loved Cuba so much, not because of the glam and shine, but because of the shine you have to find through the rubble, the broken streets.  The shine you see in the smiles on the people, children... shoot even the animals.  Just to be in the energy of gratefulness was astounding... But not in the desperation sense, moreso in a proud sense.  One thing I can say about the Cuban people is their sense of PRIDE is humongous!  It is bigger than life.  Of course there is shadiness everywhere, but the true heart of the city, the people was so genuine.  They gave me life..