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Latest on Covid Mandates in the US.

Hey you guys the Time Is here!

Many of us have been expecting it, & wondering why it took so long but the mandated are coming and here's just a short list of some of the states & organizations in the US that are laying down hefty mandates.. And get this, some of which are awaiting the FDA to fully grant approval of the shot or jab whatever you call it, which has been on pause since the inception of the jab and as of August 13th is still not approved but here we go with the list:

New Orleans vaccine or 72-hour Colgate PCR test is required at restaurants public places events schools etc. August 12tg.

LSU is looking to require vaccine once the FDA approves it per ABC News August 12th.

Texas governor Abbott says no mandate in Texas and some of the school districts are saying otherwise Houston independent district hisd is filing a lawsuit to challenge the governor's order.

Additionally anyone over the age of 2 being required to wear a mask at school and on buses these mandates are coming from Austin and Dallas. Dallas county Judge Clay Jenkins signed an order requiring masks in public places and Gov. Abbott is planning to fight that per ABC News August 13th.

DC is requiring covid-19 vaccine or regular testing for City employees via the hill August 13th.

Arkansas governor regrets his ban on Mask mandates earlier this year and he is trying to amend that law. My question is... is that a law or Mandate?? coming from CNN August 4th.

British Columbia is meandering the vaccine for all its staff workers in long-term care homes & assisted living facilities from Calgary herald August 13th.

California governor is mandating teachers and school employees must be vaccinated or submit to regular testing this is from CNN August 12th.

The Pentagon stated it is requiring all military to be vaccinated by mid-september this date may be pushed up if they receive FDA approval of the shark which it still has not been approved coming from Daily Blast Live August 11th.

HBCUs are also adding some men dates Alabama State University is trying to provide incentives for students and staff to get the vaccine and North Carolina A&T is requiring that all non-vaccinated members and students get tested weekly this is from the Olympian August 12th.

Alaska Airlines is considering all staff to be vaccinated this is Per NBC August 12th.

United Air requires workers to be vaccinated this is from Forbes August 8th.

The proud boys team up with Anti- Maskers to threaten schools and boards trying to issue mandates per MSN August 13th.

Every day there is a new update there is a new state issuing mandates there are airlines issue issuing me and dates business is so on and so forth so make sure you're checking with the CDC checking with your state and local governments to find out what is being required.

Follow up will be of countries and new mandates being issued .

Know before you go!!

Check for latest updates.

I'll add updates to this blog as things are published.


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