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International Pastors and Leadership Conference 2018 - Bishop Rosie ONeal Talks Grace


  1. And Then there was Bishop Rosie O'Neal!!Saturday April 21st I Am Royalty Radio planned to go and cover the last day of the International Pastors and Leadership Conference Dallas 2018. Effort to Impact E2i and we were greeted with way more than media coverage.

  2. E2i was founded by Bishop T.D. Jakes to create a space for Entrepreneurs, Pastors and Leaders to come together to network, share strategy and be impactful.The Entire week has been filled with remarkable speakers and exceptional breakout sessions.Change Your Situation, An Endurance Race, I'm Still Here, Grace Is the Right Fuel for Impact to name a few and Excellent Think Tanks - Financials, Entrepreneur Sessions and of course Networking.

  3. The Last day was no short order.Bishop Rosie O'Neal started with a BANG and ended with a BANG!She was Explosive and relatable.She hit the stage on FIRE!Acts 8 was the foundation of her chat with us. I will call it a chat because it felt like we were sitting in her living room just having a REAL talk with a good friend. No Fuzzys...She didn't hold back.

  4. Her Subject - "Grace Is The Right Fuel For Impact"

  5. Many of us have quests or just everyday goals we are trying to achieve. She made us ask... What are we trying to achieve, Why and How...Sometimes our intentions, our WHY keeps us from being successful. We look at what we did to get somewhere and forget the foundation of How..."If we start at EFFORT to get to IMPACT, we fail."She further pointed out all to often we are driven by what we WANT to achieve, not by the one we want to receive. We forget Grace...

  6. Bishop Rosie, had us cracking up. She said we don't know nothing if we have not been popped in the back of the head or pinched in church.. Amen to that!!

  7. One word among many that stood out to me was her definition of PROCRASTINATION!!! Yep.... that word.... The Infamous word that many of us know all to well.Bishop Rosie killed the definition. Procrastination IS - (may be a word or two missing) The ARROGANT ASSUMPTION that God owes us another opportunity to do something he has already instructed us to do today. Now if that doesn't slap you twice in the back of the head.... I don't know what will.COME ON!!She reminded us when you see Grace, someone is working. Rosie reminded us about killing our own dreams, speaking down on our own goals....Being Hypocritical.. We talk up everyone else, preaching how they need to walk or should fight and not give up and be faithful and then turn around and downgrade our own success or what we have. We spend too much time worrying about who isn't supporting us when we can LOVE on those we got right now! Simple reminder.. she said.. The people who are here now Deserve More... and do not deserve being beat down or shunned for who they are NOT... I don't know if everyone came for service... but it was lit!!!.. as the young folks say it.

  8. Ya'll...All Bishop Rosie kept saying was "Sit Down Ya'll... You making me nervous" Bishop Rosie..... How can we sit down when you Speaking to our hearts like that!!! She had me cracking up and praising at the same time!!!

  9. Bishop Rosie reminded us, we are in our own way sometimes and she also talked about our so called friends, support, team....She called them " Periodic Armor Bearers". Say What!!!! yes.... The ones who pop up to assist when you bought to get that break, or need something in return so I'll help you now.But we can not focus on them.. WE need to recognize and keep moving.

  10. Couple ending Quotes Bishop Rosie, left us with...WE can't take short cuts to our impact.Salvation isn't a group project.You ant impact because youthink it will make you important.and FINALLY....Unless we are FUELed by GRACE... we won't accept the Lessen.

  11. This message definitely touched me in so many ways. It reminded me to Speak Abundantly with Favor. To remember where Grace Brought me and while I may not be where I want yet... The fuel I use to reach my goals will either help or hinder me.The entire conference was a kick to step up our game if we want to be true Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Leaders, Innovators etc...

  12. Get ready and get early tickets for International Pastors & Leadership Conference 2019 in Tampa.April 25-April 27th... Great Intro Price. Go to the website for details.

  13. Ali CarterI Am Royalty

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