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If Beale Street Could Talk Movie Review

A story about love and life and family and the mishaps of racism.... by James Baldwin.

📷Who wouldn't want a budding relationship that is based on the foundation of true friendship? Well that is exactly what Fonny (Stephen James) and Tish Rivers (Kiki Layne) had.

Friends since they were small children who grew up to be better, inseparable friends which turned into romantic love.

But..... of course you know it's not gonna be pretty. The plot thickens. But before it gets deep thick we get to witness Sharon Rivers (Regina King), Tish's mother come to life in yet another dynamic role that she kills. She's not just a Mom and a wife, and provider, nudger, comforter, and she also is the backbone for her daughter as she embarks on this journey that she really has no idea about.

In every relationship there are 2 families and yep one is happy and the other is bitter.. I just want to know what ya'll would have said to Fonny's Mom and sisters. Oohhh child, cuz, let me just say....

This back and forth story is about love, really, the main character, Fonny gets arrested and accused of a crime he did NOT commit... Go figure... We get to see, in a very clever way, how things like that tend to happen over and over and over. I thought that part of the story is so crucial in the climate we are in today.

There's a baby involved, a women in Puerto Rico, 2 fathers coming together, a malicious cop and our judicial system....

and you end up with 2 families who fight for a young, innocent, black man, by any means necessary, in this country and in another country to bring necessary justice.

Did it work? Was Fonny exonerated and released? I won's spoil it for you...You have to go see for yourself.


The intimate pace of the film directed by Barry Jenkins leaves you immersed in every feeling and emotion, thought and.... eye color of each actor. Last part was an inside joke. You gotta go see it to understand. Then post a comment when you get it.

  1. Rating: I Give it an Ali - BAM!!

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