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How to travel light; 20 days in 1 back pack!!!


My newest crave is packing as light as possible. Why? well lets try to save on bag fees which are out of this world now, Avoid waiting for a checked bag, mobility and learn how much you don't really need.


I wanted to know if I could do it.

20 whole days, 2 continents, 14 flights, temps ranging from 45-88 degrees.

Can I pull this off? Well, this was the packing effort. I just returned from my trip and well...I did it!!

crazy so much fits in this back pack by Hynes Eagle!! I did have to check my bag a few times, but I understand the game more and will do a blog just for you guys on flights.

so anyway, check out my tips in the video and see how you can be an official backpacker too.


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