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Dear Frank Dallas Red Carpet screening & Movie Review

Dear Frank felt more like...Ohhhh Nooo Frank....

  1. With  Brian White, Claudia Jordan, Columbus Short, Kearia Schroeder, Fella Soul, Joey Napoli, Nicholas Turturro....

  2. *Release Date Nov 10, 2019

  3. 📷 Dallas, TX welcomed the 30 city tour premiere charity screening of Dear Frank on 10/18 at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters where proceeds will fund youth arts and education programs at TBAAL. Special thanks to Mudd Films & Webber Films. Actors Brian White, Claudia Jordan, Kearia Schroeder, Fella Soul were present at the screening and took time to chat about their endeavors and this tour. They also held a QA along with an after party and listening session after the screening at J.F.Keg Bar & Kitchen. What  a night!! 📷 So I bet you're wondering what the hype is about?? Well.... Let me tell you! This is story about a lovely couple, who keep daily diaries and have the perfect life or so it seems.. Until an untimely death makes everyone question who they are, and what they thought they knew about one another. How often are you watching a movie and one minute you love everybody, the next minute, you hate everybody, you have no idea what's about to happen?? You think you know and BAM!! They get you again! Had me saying WTW over and over!! You got evil, you've got mischief, you've got faux families, lies and sex.. Well tons of sex, murder, comedy... More lies...Not the Priest and the Doctor...AND an unexpected ending! Y'all don't leave your diary around!!!!! 📷 The storyline is real. While the content was heavy, it really makes you sit back and think for a minute.. The way comedic lines were written and enacted was so intelligently done that you could still capture the essence of the film without there being inappropriate humor based on the real life heavy topics. I applaud the writers and actors for tackling really tough issues. Mental health, Sexual addiction,  Abuse, Depression, as well as hitting on kind of the decline of the mind when there is no accountability and fear, hatred and anger take over. Each actor did a phenomenal job portraying their character in this type of film with only 10 days of shooting and 65 pages of script and it's an independent film. Go out support THIS FILM & actors and the 30 city tour.. They may be coming to a city near you. Check for details 📷📷📷 I can't wait to see what each of these stars has for us next!!! Rating: I Give it an Ali - BAM!! Ask Ali of B.A.M. Blog/TV/Radio - for more movie reviews and blogs FB - @alibamradio IG - @bamblogtvradiowali Twitter - @wherezali Ratings: BAM - Great! Go see it PEACHY - amusing & pleasurable HUMDRUM - Ehhh RUBBISH - well it's Rubbish


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