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Creed II Movie Review

  1. Flying high now....📷Knockout or NOT??

  2. Rocky is back! but now through the eyes of another generation... Sounds cliche'.But Who doesnt love a Rocky film?

  3. I feel like me and Sylvester go way back.. Yes we are on first name basis.. He just doesn't know it..

  4. Anyway check this out..Did you see the first Creed?I did and loved it..Check out Bianca and the privileged Adonis (A name I love.. god of Beauty.. Doesn't quite fit this guys persona..but hey it works).Ok back to Adonis... So he's noble and independent and strong and determined nd let's not forget stubborn....and he wants to follow in his fathers footsteps.. Without really following..What's wrong with wanting to make your own way... I can respect that...


  1. You know most sequels that turn into potential threequels.. Most always make the second one about with that love and family interest and they get sappy... But this on had that girth 📷Yep.. They got that.. Bianca is rocking with Adonis ie. D and let me tell y'all they are super cute in the movie.. And maybe even for real from what i can see in real life.. What's the deal Michael B Jordan and Tessa..??? And the way she sang that song..gave me life life...

  2. Then of course you've gotRocky and his son #astranged...Drago and Victor #toomuchpressureAdonis and the ideal of Apollo #whosnameisit📷So's a smathering of Father son cliches, morals, family values etc...But I LOVED every bit of it..

  3. Y'all just go see it ok?I can't wait for the next one.I hear Rocky is hanging up his hat.. A reign well done..There can never be another Rocky!! The soundtrack will forever be engrained in my head...Hail Sylvester Stallone..Rocky and now Creed...📷

  4. Rating: I Give it an Ali - BAM!!

  5. 📷Ask Ali of B.A.M. Body & Mind Radio show/I Am Royalty

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