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Best of Fests Film Festival in Dallas Jan 2019!!

  1. Let me just say history has been made!

  2. Dallas has set the bar with this one.

Who can think of a fantastic idea like this and pull it off?!?!

Who you say??? DFW Film Festival Founders etc.... That's who. Thanks to Emily Hargrove for spearheading this massive effort.

It took COLLABORATION at it's finest to do this and I feel like this is only the beginning.

Just so you understand the magnitude, there were 22 Festivals represented in the fest.  Twenty-Two!!

Festival represented:

Sons of the Flag Film Festival

Crossroads Film & Music Festival

Czech That Film


Dallas Jewish Film Festival

Thin Line Film Festival

Denton Black Film Festival

Oak Cliff Film Festival


Asian Film Festival of Dallas

Best of Fests

Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase


South Asian Film Festival

Flicks by Chicks and Pegasus Film Festival

3 Stars Jewish Cinema

Lone Star Film Festival

Q Cinema

Deep in the Heart Film Festival

Festival de Cine Latino Americano

Women Texas Film Festival

Dallas Video Fest


All Film Festival Representatives

Not only did the festivals come together, but big ups to the venues who hosted including Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas, SMG and TexasTheatre.

Now to the Red carpet at the Alamo Drafthouse.  Not only is it an awesome location to host a festival at, it's an all around really nice full service theater with some really cool dining options.  Just wanted to add that.


A packed house at Best of Fests!

Back to this Red Carpet event... the film makers, directors, producers, actors showed up for this one and there was a festival banner there to represent them. John Wildman of Wildworks PR, Kelly Kitchens and others did an awesome job managing this festivals interviews, red carpet, media etc...

I am Royalty Radio, a media partner, was in full force on the red carpet, and we chatted with some of the festival and film reps for some great highlights for the night.

Act of Valor by Brendan & Brian

The Last Whistle the story about the Death of the  Texas High School football player -  Dir Rob Smart

Jaydee (I Am Royalty Radio): You said this was based on a few true stories..What does it all deal with besides him collapsing on the field?

Rob: It's a movie about he genetic heart condition that affects a few athletes every year and is usually very tragic


Niloo Jalivand (Flicks by Chicks and Pegasus Film Festival)

Pegasus Film Festival is a festival representing students around Dallas 18 and under

Ali (I Am Royalty Radio): I Love the idea that you put together a film festival that represents students 18 and younger, what does that feel like when you're teaching your students and they are in a film festival and putting together and producing something special?

Niloo: It Gives Me a Reason to Live!!! ...It is just the most amazing experience.. EVER!


Niloo: BOOKER T!!!


Mosca - Dir Lizette Barrera

Jaydee (I Am Royalty Radio): What does Mosca come from?

Lizette: Its a spanish word for "Fly".  It's a movie about a girl who pursues a boy....but realizes it's her cousin!!!!!

Jaydee: She Realizes ...What???

Lizette: It's her cousin...

Tejano - Dir David Blue Garcia

Ali (I Am Royalty Radio): How was it, making this film on the border, the Rio Grande Valley

David: It was great. That's where I grew up. So I knew how to get around.

Ali: You knew were all the knooks and crannies were

David: Despite what they say about the Rio Grande Valley, it's a pretty safe place.  It's not a crazy place.



Quick shot with Kelly Kitchens Dallas PR

And Feature film for the night was the controversial, mind boggling, crazy TRUE story... Abducted in Plain Sight. Directed by Skye Borgman


Skye Borgman Dir - Abducted in Plain Sight

It is a situation many of us would be lucky to survive.  The story takes place in 1974 and is  about a man, Robert Berthold aka B,  who abducted a little 12 year old girl, Jan Broberg, with almost no effort not once, but two times!! Right under the parents watchful eye. Folks This is the true story.  He "B" was attractive, charming, patient, yielding and as the story is told, an undercover manipulator..  So how did he do it? How could he do it?  Who knew? Why did it take so long for anyone to look for her? How did Jan deal with this and how could it happen twice?

The plot thickens like mashed potatoes when the milk is drying up. Get your Big Spoon for this one.

Skye spent 5 years digging into this story to bring this to the screen.  It was amazing, eerie and jaw dropping to watch as each onion layer gets pulled back. The parents shared things with Skye as she dug deep into their lives to understand how such a thing could happen.

Ali (I Am Royalty Radio) to Skye: Without giving it away, what are you really hoping, people take away from Abducted in Plain Sight?

Skye: "I want to start the conversation.  I think child abuse has been something incredibly difficult to talk about.  It is a hard conversation to start. and that is what I want this film to do, is give people a voice to start the conversation and to not have people squash you, but to have people open their hearts and open their minds."

This is a much see film.  Major Eye opener.  Great Job Everyone!


Lady Matrix - Women's Texas Film Fest - WTxFF

Ali Carter of  I Am Royalty Radio


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