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Amazing Everything Plant Based Burger

Alright chall know I love a great burger...and when I can put alot of amazing Plant Based nutrient rich Ingredients in it. IM in heaven..

So yall know I'm traveling... again... 💜..and one thing I have to be able to do is make my own food. People ask why I don't just order out..wellll..if you've seen how I cook, the things I eat and how I come up with recipes you may kinda understand why eating out can be expensive and disappointing.. so why be disappointed and spend too much money??

When I can spend less and make food and experiment and still dance while I eat..

Sooo check out what I put in this burger!!!

1 cup of Oats (cook & I added nutrient packed Papaya seeds)

1 cup of quinoa (cook)

1 cup black beans (cooked)

1 cup mote (cooked)

1/2 red onion

2 garlic cloves

add fresh herbs:

1/4 cup basil

1/2 cup chives

1/4 cup cilantro

2 TBSP caliente chimichurri

2 tbsp complete seasoning blend of your choice

1-2 Chili peppers ( optional)

* I do not add additional salt because the chimichurri and complete seasoning blend have salt in them.

In a food processor I added all the ingredients above and process till blended but still rough (do not over blend unless you want to make a soup or tortillas - which you can do both)

**Can I tell you all these ingredients blended together are so aromatic and taste so good you can literally eat it as is. I know because I did. What needs to be cooked is cooked. The Joys of being plant based.

Mold the mixture into patties or balls and place in the freezer to set for 15-30 mins or package and freeze to use later.

Once mixture patties are solid,

Heat oil of choice (high heat index oil suggested) in a skillet. Once it is sizzling add the balls, patties or as is to the skillet. I am doing a no oil thing right now so I am cooking on high to sear the meat like options then turn on low and uncover to cook until the mix dry out and holds its form. If you are cooking with oil you can do the same or cook on medium same as you would meat.

**Here are a Couple options you can use to hold the mixture together that are plant based and not flour.

Add 1 of the following

1 okra blended

1/2 cup blended flax seed soaked in water

1/2 cup eggless eggs

Once it is cooked to your desired dryness/firmness on side flip over and cook the other side.

I usually suggest cooking on side one for only about 7 mins then flip over and cook on low 15+mins. When the sear side is hardened and on top it seems to help hold in the heat to cook the patties throughout better.

Side options I included:

My infamous Kale slaw



cabbage (red)

optional adds



chili peppers


Chop in a food processor

add 1/4 cup Vinegar of choice (apple cider or white wine)

add 1/4 cup simple syrup (make by mixing water with sugar. ex. 1/4 cup water +2 tbsp sugar)

How I put it together in the video:

Toast a dark rye bread with coconut butter

add vegan cheese ( I made a animaless cheese spread)

Add Kale slaw

Add avocado slices

add the burger

top with Chimichurri paste



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