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6 Housesitting tips...I bet you never thought you needed to know!

Housesitting has become the popular rave over the past 3 years.... and why is that? Maybe due to Covid, maybe due to financial surges, maybe due to people considering relocating. Whatever the reason, people all over the world are jumping on this trend. I did myself in 2022 with Trusted Housesitters, one of the most popular platforms offering these services. I landed my very first house sit in Thailand and a second one in Thailand in 2023.

If you stumbled on this blog and are not sure what House sitting it, heres a brief description... Housesitting, is when a host places their house on a platform to be occupied while they are away AND often it incudes caring for pets from birds, reptiles all the way up to horses. It can occasionally be a NO-Pet sit and sometimes includes caring for gardens and things like that. Sitters are people like myself who want to be houesitters for hosts. I love housesitting because it's an opportunity to bond with animals since I travel a lot & I dont want to get pets of my own, yet.. and it allows me to check out an area with no accommodation cost for a short period to long periods. This is especially great if you want to visit places that are a bit more on the expensive side and you want to save some money.

BUT don't think a house/pet sit is all peaches and potatoes. New one :) They often come with some responsibilities and sometimes can come with surprises if you aren't careful.

I have seen and heard of things you may not expect and I found a lot of ppl only see the glam sits and were disappointed with how it works. To assist with realities, I have a couple videos talking about Truths about housesitting and how to get started here. If you want to check that out.

So let's cut to the chase... What else do you need to know, that you may not already know???

1. Get a video or walk through of exact space you'll occupy. You definitely should know what the space will look like, Kitchen and bathroom is important to me & for longer sits, you may want to know if you will have space for your things etc...

2. Get a live view of the space the pets will occupy. Number of pets X amt of space. It's always a bit of an adjustment when you first arrive.

3. Inquire about temperament of each animal so you know if they are behaving different or so you know if cats meow a lot(they sound like real kids) , dogs barking a lot.. ie. attachment issues or they run the house 🤣 etc... You'd be amazed. You can liken it to babysitting some ones kids.

4. If you're asked to take care of garden or plants and it requires a lot of watering in a hot climate... ask about water restrictions. You don't want to be caught holding the hose.... so to speak!

5. If the pets are more feral animals but brought in at night ask about that process. Sometimes they may be on the roof or under the house and don't want to come in.

6. What people can you expect to see on your property so you are not alarmed with people walking around.

Again, these are just a few things to consider when planning a house sit. For more check out my videos on YT !

If you'd like to chat with me one on one click here.

Do you want to become a Trusted housesitter- check out my link and receive 25% for your new membership. Click Here *REMEMBER to type WHERESALI to get your 25% off discount at checkout.

Good luck and happy house sitting :)


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