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5 Top Budget Traveler Tips..Is it your Castle or Dump?

Lately everyone wants to travel.. Of course! The world has been trapped in their homes for over a year!

Money is a bit tighter and on top of needs to be reallocated to say things like PCR/Rapid tests etc...

Note- Most places still require you get PCR tested even with Vaccine so beware of those costs ($0-170 per pop/ per person).

A couple positives coming out of this is lots of places are vacant and have been vacant so you can potentially negotiate pricing or get places that may have normally been above your budget.

***The flip side is if they are vacant they may not be in the best condition so beware.

Here are 5 travel tips for funding accommodations for the budget traveler who may be wanting to stay in places for under $25 p/n. Or stay longer than 2 wks.. Nailing down good stays in this range can be tougher in some travel destinations.

Tip 1.

Figure out your budget

A. based on your length of stay (days x nightly cost)

B. proximity to attractions

(Beach, forest, safaris, adventures, volunteer work)

Why is proximity important? because if you are budgeting say under $20 p/night but your commute costs you an extra $10 to $15 a day then you might as well stay somewhere closer with a budget of $30-40 p/n.

Tip 2.

Utilize your search engines

A. Google Maps -find more stays

B. - see exact location

C. Airbnb - check all hosts listings

D. different options

E. really cheap (dame places)

F. Don't forget CC portals (use points)

G. WOM- word of mouth

ASK QUESTIONS- to confirm the listings information whether it's private or shared space that being the kitchen bathroom the apartment in total.

-Safety is a concern..

Imagine sitting in the living room or using the kitchen and hearing someone fiddle keys in the lock and people coming in at all hours of the night for adult activities because you are staying in a shared unit and didn't know it.

Tip 3.

Put multiple Units on hold - weigh your options.. I find that when I book something then all of a sudden tons of other options pop up. I think it's an energy thing..

Tip 4.

Check cancellation policy prior to pushing the button. This can otherwise be a costly mistake.

Confirm payment type Many places are only taking cash or cash equivalents (mpesa) no CC. This can work to your benefit. You have an opportunity to negotiate prices. If a place seems vacant and you want to stay longer see if they will work with you on pricing.. and enjoy the extended trip!

Tip 5.

Consider shared spaces. Hostels with single rooms are nice. But be mindful of bathroom locations and if the price is as high as a regular hotel.

Another benefit to staying in a shared space is you actually meet people easier and it's a great way to make friends with similar interests.

Bonus- book one to 2 nights max to feel it out before booking a week unless you know there won't be a hassle getting your money back.

Enjoy your trip ($) with less $stress.


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