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3 Reasons You have to Let Go... Especially when it Hurts

With so much loss around us,  tomorrow, even the next hour are not promised.  You may have bad memories, a bad experience or situation that is just clinging to you and you can't shake it.

So what are you going to do to take back your life and LIVE to the Fullest?

Most times we hold on to things that aren't the best for us because we are not at peace, we feel we were wronged, we are seeking closure and sometimes that closure is from someone else.  The thing is..... We may never get that closure. And that is wasted time.  Valuable time... YOUR Time...

You have to Let Go... like the movie said... and Let it Flow!!!



1. Your Health is more important.. Isn't it?

Holding on to something causes stress, depression, leads to issues with eating habits, sleeping, weight issues.  (major losses and gains of weight are equally not good).  Look, it's hard enough to lose weight without adding on lbs because of someone else.  Right?!?!?

#2 - Your other relationships are affected. Family, friends, coworkers can usually sense you are going through something.  How, cuz you are proverbially stabbing them!!!

If you are going through something you may be overly emotional, quick tempered, or irritated easily.  Sound familiar?

You may not want to be around anyone.  Which is understandable, but Sheesh.. how can you be affective functioning this way?  It gets old fast.Finally Third.. Let Go so You can Grow!We see these quotes saying something better is waiting for you if you just take a step.  You can't grasp the new when you are holding on to the old. Yada Yada.  I love those.  and yes sometimes it is easier said than done.   Think about all the opportunities passing you by.  All the doors hanging open waiting for you to just walk through.  Sometimes you don't even see them because your brain is so foggy with this useless situation.  On one hand you keep talking about what you want to do in life, but it's passing you by.  You become stagnant...If you don't release it, the hurt will be even worse and last longer.  The pain you are trying to avoid is gonna swift kick you in your Rump Shaker!! yep.No One or No Thing that is not looking to amicably resolve an issue is worth another wasted minute of your life.You make the choice....your choice to be healthy, to have great relationships and to GrOW!! ;)


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