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2018 Open Hearts and Minds Awards....What an INCREDIBLE Night!

  1. 📷📷Big Thought Presents the 2018 Open Hearts and Minds to Lisa Schmidt.📷

  2. Big Thought and SMG (Studio Movie Grill) made it a grand affair to honor a staple in the community.

  3. The Orange carpet was blazing along with the good ole Texas heat for this one and the key contributors for this event were a pleasure. 📷

  4. Lisa Schmidthonoree of this prestigious award, Founder of Creative Solutions and a part of Big Thought, a youth development organization offering social emotional learning to adults and children in disenfranchised areas of the city Dallas for over 30 years.CEO Byron Sanders..native of Dallas reflects on his childhood life and why this program is so beneficial. "I was always in something... track, football, theater, Odessey of the Mind. It became my life line. I had the inate belief. because of how she raised me...that tomorrow could be better than today...and acting upon it can make it so...and that is the essence of Hope. Big Thought.....That is what our partnerships in the community helpc create"....📷"Every kid has GREATness.. no matter what zipcode.. no matter what race, ethnicity doesn't matter. They all have GREATness and it is our job to provide the right kind of opportunities so that GREATness can shine through... That is what Big Thought is all about." ~Byron Sanders

  5. Melora Leiser and Terri Simoni shared.... How Big Thought where it is today. is a summer program enabling children to continue learning when school is out."Arts is part of history.. part of our background and foundation" ~Terri Simoni.📷Empowering Kids to get to the programs" ~Melora Leiser..

  6. Bone Garcia..."The program showd kids there is a way to succeed..."

  7. 📷It was a great night ending with an SMG screening of Incredibles 2 which ironically was about Mrs. Incredible shining in a world where she plays second to Mr. Incredible. She was given an opportunity to shine and she did just that.. Much like Lisa Schmidt has shown for over 20 years. Bridging gaps and helping create a brighter future for our youth in a fun and educational way.Way to Go Lisa!!!📷~Ali CarterB.A.M. Radio Show of I Am Royalty Radio"In These Streets"📷📷📷📷


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