By Now you've heard about Tulum...Let me tell you about My beginning there?

Wow Tulum!!

Haven't heard of it?? I had not either.

So where is it"? Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico is on the east coast about 1.5 hr south of Cancun. First off , would never have considered Tulum had it not been for the Covid unrest in the states that shut things down including my planned trael abroad starting March 2020. Let me start off by saying I wish I would have found out about Tulum sooner!!!

Tulum is not new, many people have been traveling here for years. But it's always been sort of low key and rightfully so. Tulum is known for the Mayan culture, there is a village close to the downtown area. It is also well known for its Archaeological ruins. Tulum I also been deemed the place of Zen & wellness…..a place of peace where you will find Yoga, traditional healing ceremonies, the natural jungle, great plant based options, tranquil spots and other wellness based practices in the mix.

Tulum is pretty small and very much in booming new development for new lodging accommodations. Expect to see a boom over the next 2 years. So if you are looking to buy, now is the time to seek out real estate agents and attorney to ensure you are set up correctly Yep you heard it here first. As they say get in while you fit in.

So what was my overall experience in Tulum?

let me give a little background.

I arrived July 29, 2020 on a whim as I was originally planning a 2 week trip to Florida, Tickets were purchased for really low at $60 one way to Florida. Well you all know what a year of Covid did to the world. Interestingly while airline tickets were very low accommodations almost seemed to be increasing and many places were locking down. So it did not seem like a great idea given everything that was happening. So I checked flights and saw flights to Tulum for $45 one way. First of all $45 out of the country and on American air. Of course I took advantage and hey offered carryon baggage waiver for basic economy (unheard of) which saved me some cash. I packed 2 back packs and planned to visit for 7-10 days.

Upon my arrival to Cancun ( you have to fly in to Cancun and then take a transport to Tulum) I could not help but notice the quiet airport. My plane was also fairly empty as AA was still offering empty middle seats, which was great add to that people were just not traveling.

Customs was empty besides our flight so it took like a wopping 5 mins to get through. They did not ask for covid test, or anything so in like flin... Of course you can get your own test before arrival and quarantine upon arrival. Masks were required everywhere when I first went in July. They truly practice safety, with masks, hand washing and wiping shoes before entering establishments and social distancing space. It was way better than what I left in the heart of Texas related to just safe practices. I will add a note, I noticed more lax behavior amongst tourist visitors.

Do you need a visa? nope, not as a US passport holder and... and... wait for it.. Your US passport allows you to stay 6 months in Mexico per visit. That is 180 days. So that is how a 7-10 day trip turned into 4 months.

Finally, How did I get to Tulum? I booked a transfer via from Cancun Intl airport to Tulum. The cost was $60 and it was a private transfer. I love doing this type of transfer when I arrive because they have your name on a board and are already awaiting your arrival. and when its an longer transfer you an catch up on some ZZZZZzzzzzz's.

Once you land, the warmth and beauty of the town engulfs you so No Worries!! you will love your stay..

Enjoy and check back for more on how my 7-10 days turned into a 4 month stay in Mexico.

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