Things you don't think you'll need in Tanzania....but you will..

If you guys have read my posts or watched my videos about traveling you will know I typically say don't pack the whole kitchen sink, most everything you can get when you arrive.

Ok... I admit when I am wrong.. Or shall I say you can get a lot of things, but some will come with a a hefty price tag.

That reminds me, I must share with you also ...

Now as a backstory I have only been in Zanzibar for almost 4 weeks as of Jan 9,2021, but but.. based on what I've seen and my previous travel experience, I can say there are some things you don't want to leave home without.

This list is for short o long term stays.

One the dollar seems to go really far here... until you need something super important... like ummm say, contact solution.. I had to ask.. does everyone here have 20/20 vision??? But in essence many of them do not wear contacts or any corrective lenses so as you can imagine... if it is not widely used by locals... it's gonna be expensive. Lessons learned.. who knew I even needed to ask about some of these..

I will tell you lesson learned is to not be wasteful with what I do have as I may not find it and being a frugal chick.. who wants to pay exorbant $$ for things that cost pennies back home.. and they call some of this luxury. I will say, it seemed prices were cheaper for some of this stuff on Zanzibar, but maybe it is because I am in an expat known area so prices are gouged.. hmmm.. not sure.

I have been told by many locals that is the case.

So now to the LIST:

*I already said contact solution and of course I brought some , but I didn't bring a large bottle and now I regret it because I can not find any and merely asking anyone where I can find some is like asking for a diamond. So when I find it.. I know it will cost me a pretty penny.

*Floss picks- yes for your teeth.. You can get for couple of bucks in the states for 50-100.. Well here , I don't think they exist, but floss does and that was $3.

*Scissors - luckily I have the small ones in my hygiene bag.

*Nail polish remover - why is this important, because you will not always find a nail spot. Here in Dar es Salaam I expect there are more options. I just not have come across them yet.

*Lighter/matches - I don't smoke, but power goes out here a lot or if you have a gas stove or you want to light those amazing natural repellent incense sticks,

*Router - not sure if hey are universal, but sheesh just a newer router would make all the difference in the world for some of the internet issues.

*Solar powered charger - I hate i did not bring mine... you really need one

*Kitchen stuff if you are renting an apartment - now some places may actually be stocked, but if you have to buy some of this stuff you will find.. spoons, knives, avocado oil, pickles ( so random, but so expensive here and I am sure the ones they have taste bad - sorry)

*Storage bags - it's so crazy a box of say 40-50 runs 13k tsh on up. Which is about $6+ usd

*Other things that would have been nice to haves-notebooks for writing, pens, pencils, bedding sheet set, Listerine, MOrE bug repellent - these mosquitos, flies etc ain't no joke..

I hope this list is helpful for you whether you are visiting for 1 wk, 4 wks, 3 months or more.

Check back for my list of things I wish I left behind and Things I am glad I brought with me.

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thank you in advance.