10 Things that get under my skin while traveling....

If you know me, you know my passion and motivation is being able to travel. So No, I'm not complaining. well wait. Yes I am. and I have a right to. Dang! I mean just cuz I travel doesn't mean I have to like everything... RIGHT! OK so just had whole discussion with myself... haha..

Anyway.... I've done a little traveling from little bits in the states to trapesing around the globe in Asia, Europe and Africa with still so much more to see...

(side note i stay in a lot of apts so some of these apply to that).

Please comment if you can relate.

  1. NO WASH CLOTHS anywhere. OK 98% of places have no washcloths. You know what wash cloths are (my black peeps especially). You know the smallest, CHEAPEST towel in the set. The one you put the soap on to lather up (regardless of what you see in those ivory and Irish spring commercials er'body doesn't have chest hair like that to garner that type of lather... my bad... I digressed and showed my age). But yeah if I didn't bring my own loofah or mits what would I use the floor sized mat washcloth???ughhh. Get some wash cloths please.

  2. While we are on apts.... Every single one should at least have instant coffee & brown sugar (my personal preference). Or tea packets.. I'll add if its got kitchenette, can you put a spoon in the drawer too? sheesh

  3. Now this one takes me there every single rip.... People who stand up on the plane as soon as the first wheel hits the ground. Of course its an exaggeration. They wait till the 4th wheel touches. Arghhh like where are you going? One good thing from covid are these new plane-ing and deplaning practices which are to deplane only by rows and don't stand up till you are told. LOOK we've taken instruction since we were out of the womb.. No sense in acting brand new now.. hahahaha

  4. Airlines that make you pay for earbuds. If you got tvs and a movie showing just pass out those cheap earbuds especially if they use that funny 2 prong connector ain't nobody stealin those. Additionally, you can't reuse them anyway and they cost .10 to make including the packaging. Just sayin

  5. Rude/Aggressive people.. Anywhere and Everywhere. Ex. When I was in Mex City Roma Nte. area having lunch, you know they allow peddling in these areas, so a guy came up to sing and it was horrible, I'm sorry not sorry to say and it was loud and disruptive. He had the audacity to walk up to my table speaking Spanish asking for tips$$. I kindly said No gracias. At which point I'm sure he understood I spoke English so he converted to what he knew and badgered me saying oh so you don't have any money. ughhhh FIRST of all it ain't your business what I have and when did it become law you have to tip everyone. Move along.. I have other examples but I prefer to limit my time on this one.

  6. Price Gauging and playing the foreigner tax game. Just cause you think I'm from America don't make me rich. And furthermore I am from America.. but there are 3 Americas. Central America is my reference. That's why I say Belize now, to be exact haha

  7. Trying to repack your suitcase with exactly the same stuff you originally brought.. nothing more. How does it not fit? Now I need another bag to carry overflow and I haven't even gotten to the extra stuff hahaha.. wizardry

  8. This one be taking me back.... Getting hit on by every guy. Ok not every guy and some places are way may aggressive than others. Guys, not every foreign lady wants to marry into your country. It can be daunting especially as a solo female traveler. Ladies just remember to watch your front and back.

  9. When someone passes gas (not the good kind either) on a plane and you have to hold your breath. Yes, this could go with rude people but it required an entry all by itself. I don't need to know how bad you need a colon cleanse.. for realz

  10. BUGS... OMG!!! ok Mosquitos are on that list, spiders, knats... but these roaches yall.. no No and NO!!! I get it bugs are treated different abroad in some places... like delicacies. and some may be confused due to the rampant consumption of shrimp, crawfish and crabs. I get it !! but NO!! not where I'm sleepin!! they are nasty

  11. BONUS...adding this one cuz it seems to happen when I travel because I tend to lodge hop. But going from place to place, and just when you get used to the hot water or pressure, towels, wifi, screens on windows and doors, a broom or paper towels or a spoon... you move and realize those things are not a given everywhere...

That's it yall 10 plus 1 thing that get under my skin when I travel...

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Check back for what didn't make the list... haha

ciao Ali