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Yoga in Nature

About Me and More...

I am Founder/CEO of Mind YOUR Body and Soul & Founder/Owner/Handcrafter of Zoetic Essentials. I am also a radio & red carpet Host and Interviewer and Blogger.  Read more about me and my endeavors below..


 Mind YOUR Body & Soul....


Encompasses my holistic vision for living a fulfilling and conscious lifestyle.  This includes  Lifestyle Transformation coaching ....with Mind YOUR Body & Soul. , Yoga Guide classes & retreats it also includes Zoetic Essentials holistic beauty and bath line.

Join me for Lifestyle Transformation coaching ....with Mind YOUR Body & Soul.

What I do, while it could be used for shorter term goals, is really geared towards the individual(s) looking to make Lifestyle changes..  I will assist you on this quest to take control of your Mind and your Body therefore releasing your Soul...

As a part of the Lifestyle Transformation I am a Yoga Guide focusing on balance through movement and utilize Power Vinyasa as my core.  I guide at all levels in a classroom setting (indoors & outdoors), events & retreats. 

I also offer Hiking w/Ali & biking groups and incorporate Yoga to increase flexibility, circulation, strength and mental calm.  I look to expand this to include all activities related to heart health and health awareness. 

As part of the Lifestyle transformation I lead  groups on Shop-n-Learn food exploration excursions to local farmers markets and stores with the focus on inspiring curiosity to expand our palates while becoming more health conscious & I use those things we learn and present in Food Demonstrations, Meal Prep & Meal planning.


Ali Made DIY, Ali Financial Diet Tips round out the concept of Mind Your BS. I share tips on how to make simple changes to gain control of your personal finances.  These are tips I used myself to pay off $24K debt in 1 year on my own.  It CAN be done with a bit of dedication.

Check the site often for blog updates,  product features, videos etc......

What is ZE- Zoetic Essentials?


I am the Owner - Handcrafter of Zoetic Essentials my handmade line of holistic, all natural essentials which are free from harmful chemicals including synthetics, lauryl sulfates, parrafins, parabens, phthalates and DEA.


My purpose is to promote and inspire healthy living inside and out by providing non- harmful, sustainably produced beauty products as well as inspire others to connect mind, body & soul through health & wellness.

The concept of my product line is about being Alive and even more than that, being Animately Existent in all aspects of our lives and I strive to recreate that energy in the products I make.

I have been making my own health and beauty products using all natural ingredients since 2010. My products have been shared with friends and family and now I'd like to introduce them to the world. My products are never tested on animals or unwilling participants.

Living and experiencing life daily and controlling the substances I put on and in my body is extremely important to me and I want to share that with as many people as I can. 


Check out my Product line, Custom Gift Services and blogs and send me a note...


Find Me on the Media Circuit.. Blog, Tv, Radio?


I am a Radio host & Program Manager of B.A.M. Body And Mind Radio   My show combines the seriousness of informative topics to pique your physical & mental awareness w/silly & fun energy. 70s + Music!

Catch me on the red carpet, event hosting, in the streets

Get My Blogs!!

I have also aspire to be a travel Blogger with the intention to travel the globe sharing authentic culture and tidbits that go beyond the commercial basics we are accustomed to.  Check back for enlightening stories... or click here.

B.A.M. Life With Ali show is expected to air on Iconic Creators Network channel available on Roku.


Along that quest I have started off as an Inspirational and Lifestyle/Plates Contributor for Urban Muse Magazine. UMM is an online publication geared to bring you the latest news, tips from health, sport, interviews, music, inspiration and hair blogs and so much more...


To subscribe go to: (it's FREE-for now)


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